Monday, January 7, 2008

Nothing to say.

Good morning! Well, I know it's already 1:30pm, but the day is just going to fast and I'm stuck in morning mode, sorry. ;)

I'm trying to get out of my cruddy mood, for which I really have no excuse. We're in Malibu and have been here since Thursday. We've just been relaxing (and yay! working out!) and hanging out- so I don't know if it just that or not- that we've pretty much been indoors nonstop since Thurs except for a couple runs to the store and a trip on Saturday to this little shopping center and playground. We've had some massive rain for the past couple days, and today is the first we've seen of the sun. But honestly, we so needed some time to just do nothing. We're having fun, but in my selfish moments I think it just is sometimes an adjustment for me to have my stepson here (18, goes to school in Arizona) and it throws me for a loop to have this MAN moping around, grunting, and eating all the food in the house. Just as I'm sure it's an adjustment for him to be around a 5 & 3 year old nonstop. ;) And, I'm sure my period is just around the corner too. Yuck.

But tomorrow we're going to Disneyland and I am SOOO excited. Well, I'm excited any time we get to go, but I'm excited that my stepson is going with us. We haven't gone with him since Mikey was a baby, so this will be fun!

We're having friends over for dinner tonight and I think that's another reason for my mood. I'm used to cooking dinner for close friends (that in turn won't judge me for my yucky meal LOL), but these are new friends and I guess I'm just a bit nervous. :) The wife I've actually only met in passing, and though Big Hunk has spoken with both of them extensively (including hanging out at their apartment- in our same complex here- for 5 hours on Sat) I just need to be put at ease. I'm sure it will be fine. I've got a roast in the crockpot, but if for some reason it doesn't come out right then I should know in enough time to order pizza. LOL! Besides, I think they are mostly just coming over so the guys can watch the football game, so as long as I make some munchies they'll be happy.

Well, I need to get this place cleaned up so we can start on schoolwork after lunch. Hope everyone is having a great day!

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