Thursday, January 10, 2008

Instead of taking down Christmas...

I will sit here at my very cluttered desk in my extremely messy office of my DESTROYED house to blab to my heart's content. Makes sense.

We got home from Malibu yesterday evening, in just enough time to feed Mike and throw him on over to Awana (Ike didn't want to go last night, and being we'd been stuck in the car all day and were all exhausted, we didn't make her). But in the midst of catching up on the laundry I didn't do in Malibu-- which, by the way is next to impossible when you've run out of detergent, just to let you know-- and trying to clean the utter CHAOS that is my house when we get back from a trip, Big Hunk tells me he wants to go back tomorrow. Mind you I did not utter a single dispute, but my house sure as heck may argue.

On top of that, a little while ago he calls me back for the millionth time to tell me our friends want us to come back to Malibu tonight for dinner. Uh huh. This at 3:45pm when I've JUST gotten done unpacking everything, and we'd still have the 2 hour drive ahead of us. Hmm.

Speaking of which, our friends (same ones) never came over for dinner on Monday- the wife, "J", is due in 5 days and didn't feel up to it. But seeing as how she is ready to pop at any moment and is completely miserable, I am more than willing to cook dinner for them this weekend. It's funny because Big Hunk and this guy are totally hysterical. We've only known them a short time (in passing for about 4 months, but gotten to know them well the past couple weeks) but now BH & D get all excited about playing baseball together this year (Big Hunk is starting his own team) and I'd swear D was giddy calling BH to come over for dinner tonight, by the way BH tells it. But J & I have really hit it off and I adore her. I'm curious how I'll scare this one off. ;) It's inevitable, it seems. I must be too boring because it's very rare that people I meet blossom into friends.

So I guess we're back out of dodge tomorrow. My poor kitty needs some attention, so maybe I should bring him with us too! ;) A cat and giant dog in the car- that will be fun!

Well, my nephew is over playing with the kids so I should take advantage of them being distracted and actually get something done. How's that for rambling about absolutely nothing??

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