Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Once upon a Toosday

Well I had every intention last night of sitting down, posting a couple pics and writing an entry about all the sadness of my day (we dropped off R after his 5 day visit, and he is leaving for college next week *sniff*), but our evening suddenly consisted of a trip to the mall with all 6 of us (the 4 of us plus my SIL and nephew), dinner, and a late-night workout (as always) for Big Hunk & I. Now here I sit with a whopping 2 minutes to myself after just doing today's workout (half-arsed if you must know) and about to get in the shower. Big Hunk ran out to get a haircut and the kids are napping because we are heading BACK out to the desert in a little bit. We just got back from Palm Springs on Sunday, and now we head back out- to La Quinta, a bit further this time- to hang out with some friends of ours that have a vacation home out there. It will be lots of fun though and we should be back on Thursday morning, when we pick up Cracker Jack (younger stepson) for our weekend. The kids are SO looking forward to spending time with their new friends and swimming for another 2 days straight. I wonder if they'll eventually grow gills with all this time they spend in the water?

But anyway, yes, R will be gone in 8 days. I can't believe it, and I've spent a good portion of the last 24 hours in tears. When we dropped R off at his mom's yesterday 4 of the 5 of us (Ikey is the heartless one) were sobbing. :( But God-willing we will see R for either lunch or dinner before he leaves, and I'm looking forward to that. We are going to miss him SO much. He was receiving a lot of crap from his stepdad about visiting us for those 5 days (I think he hoped that once R turned 18 he's want nothing to do with us. Whatever.) so as much as I'll miss him, I look forward to him being on his own and really learning who R is.

Well, I have to cut this short. The kids just woke up and I still have to shower and pack a few more things, and Big Hunk's going to want to leave as soon as he gets home. God bless!!


  1. I am sorry that your heart hurts over Ryan's departure. I feel for you, darlin'.

    Have fun with your friends!


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