Tuesday, August 14, 2007

just blabbin

I have about a million different things I could be doing right now. But I'm not.

I was supposed to go to a women's bible study tonight at church (that I was actually really looking forward to!) but hubby and I just decided to have a date night instead. I don't remember our last date! Hmmm. Valentine's day? No, couldn't be that long. I don't know, it's definitely been a while. We still have no clue what we're going to do though, so should be a fun one. ;) We always just go to dinner and a movie and I do want to see Rush Hour 3 (LOVE Jackie Chan!), but that's not really quality time. Maybe we'll just go knock over a couple of old people. That's always a fun time. ;) (I'm totally kidding. I love old people. Really. We'll knock over little kids instead.)

Not much has been going on for us. My stepson leaves on Thursday for college, and turns out we aren't going to see him again before he leaves. MAJORLY sucks and I've been very mad about it, but it's not going to change. In a nutshell, he made plans with us for tonight (I was going to miss my church event so I could see him), then he cancelled last night saying he forgot he had made other plans. Uh huh. He's really overwhelmed with everything though, and we are, as always, the first ones to be cut out. So, I'm bitter and hurt, but really not all that surprised.

Speaking of bitterness, I'm having an off day. Eating like crap and haven't worked out yet (nor did I last night), and I'm tired of seeing no results. It's only been like a month though, so I know I'm just jumping the gun. I mean, I can see results in my arms and legs (beneath all the cellulite) and I can see a difference in my endurance and strength, but seriously- I had Ikey 3 years ago!! Will this stomach ever go away?? I finally broke down and just made an appt for a trial session of Arasys and I'm eager to see what happens. Dude, I'll spend a million dollars (okay, or not) if I can get in shape! What's so stupid is I don't even mind doing the work-- I enjoy working out!!-- but I'm just getting so discouraged! But I suppose this happens to everyone, and right about this time. I know it's happened to me in the past. Right when you're in that "in-between" stage of working your butt off and seeing progress, you just want to throw in the towel. Well I guess that's not totally true. Because as much as I love working out and am frustrated with what I see in the mirror, I know that no matter what the working out is good for me health- no matter how little the results. So, I know I'm still bettering myself. But I can be mad today. ;)

Well, gotta get something done!! Or at least do my hair for my date night! :-p

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  1. I want to work out, but it ain't gonna happen at home. There's a nice gym in Benton that I want to join, but we can't afford the extra costs right now. If nothing else, I want to join just for the indoor swimming and pilates/yoga/etc classes (along with the free childcare while working out). I would LOVE to swim regularly and get my exercise that way. That's ideal for me.

    Was your date fun?


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