Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We're here! Weeks of packing and moving and cleaning and tons of the never ending, and we're here. I must be getting older (though I sent out a memo forbidding this) because despite our 15+ moves, it is just getting harder and harder.

The house we moved out of is about 1400 square feet. A lot of our stuff was already in boxes from our last move because we had so little space, an the move seemed like it would be a bit simpler than in the past. But my gracious. It got to a point where I felt like I was still living at the old house and nothing would ever get done. I can tell you, there is no worse time to move than right before Christmas. Augh. And here we are less than two weeks from Christmas and my house is in chaos and I'm trying to get up decorations and have friends over this weekend for a spontaneous little Christmas get together (I guess because I know it will jump start making this house into a home) and I will never move again in December as long as I live! God willing. Because He has a sense of humor like that.

But as I lie here in my comfy new bed (our first since 1996) and flannel sheets and contemplate taking that first step onto the cold floor (that journey to make a cup of coffee is the longest in history), I KNOW that I am blessed so abundantly. I have a million things I would change if I could, but thank you God for it all.

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