Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sweet niblets

I sooo did not want to let so much time pass in between blogging. We went a good month (or two?) without internet, so when I finally did get it a few weeks ago, it kinda messed up my schedule. I have to say, I got a lot more done without it! ;)

We're doing well, just trying to get over the sickies in our house. Mikey had food poisoning almost 2 weeks ago, and that was a beauty. Erg. We think (well we're pretty darn certain) he got it when we went out to dinner and he had pancakes & sausage. That was a Monday, and the next night we went to an Angels game (free tickets, yay!). Now if you know my boy, you know the last thing he would ever want is to miss a baseball game. So when we spent half the night in the restroom and he wanted to leave early, we knew he felt like crud. Sure enough, he passed out in the car and then puked all over it 5 miles from our house. Oh sweet niblets indeed. I'll spare the details but he wasn't back to himself for about a week. Just in time to get a cold 2 days later, my sweet boy. He's missed 2 of his baseball games in a row, and that is the highest form of torture for this kid. :(

Sadly the cold didn't pass over Big Hunk this time and he's been absolutely miserable. Working on his feet for 11 hours a day doesn't help either, and I'm praying he can recover tomorrow while he's off. The Angels playoff game is at 9am so I'm picturing a nice relaxing morning in bed, cuddling with my 3 loves. <3

School is going really well, though I have to say we're hitting that bump in the road where the novelty of the year has certainly worn off. We've missed out on quite a few days because of Mikey being sick too, so it seems like it's dragging. Though we had started our year early, those missed days have pushed us right on schedule. So, gotta make up a lot of time if we want to take extra time off at Christmas! The kids are doing great though, and I love teaching them. Ikey, my kindergartner, is learning to read and I have to say this has got to be one of my favorite ages. It's so fun! I love how much they learn over the year- it's truly a year of milestones and watching them grow up. Mikey is doing great and is excelling in spelling & math. Many times now I've had to skip ahead in certain lessons because they're just a little boring for him. He definitely has his daddy's love for math. But I think science is his favorite (and Mom's least). He {loves} doing our science experiments and seeing what's going to happen. Mom hates the mess.

And lastly, a few photos. Over the summer we visited my good friend Eileen (from high school!) down in San Diego and we took the kids on a couple jaunts. First we hit a botanical garden that was just gorgeous- and the kids had a blast. After that, she took us to this amazing meditation garden (sensing a theme?) that was immaculate and so beautiful. Not to mention it had the most amazing view of the ocean I think I'd ever seen. So here are some pics from our visit...

The 4 kiddos, hammin' it up for the mamarazzi.

Ikey absolutely {adored} Eileen's daughter Lily. She doesn't have a lil' sister or a girl cousin to play with, so I'm pretty sure she wanted to take Lily home

I'll link to the rest of the pics from my Flickr account shortly. Baby steps, you see.


  1. Okay, that was so cool!! I just typed you a comment that I missed you and refreshed the screen and you had just done a post!! Wow!! That's amazing!! So welcome baaaaaack!!! Missed you! And love, love, love the pictures sweet friend!

  2. Great pictures!

    Sickies are not fun, hope they go away and stay away!

  3. Wonderful pictures! I love the colors! Food poisoning is nasty stuff! I had that when I was pregnant with Noah! YUCK!

  4. Nice to have you back blogging again! See how much Linny are like twins!!! We both were emailing you privately about your blog what appears at the same time!!!

  5. I want to take Lily home too! She's adorable!!

    My new blog is up, would love to have you visit!


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