Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beautiful day

We had a {really} awesome day today. Maybe it was just the peacefulness of spending a day lounging around with no concrete plans, but it was the best day we’ve had in a while.

We started off our day watching the 9am Angel game, and cheering them on for the next 3 ½ hours. (Um yeah, by the way… they won!) Seriously one of the best games I’ve watched in a long time. So after I was done cheering them on (loudly) and acting all giddy-like, my parents came over a little while later. My darn car hasn’t started in a week (the first real problem we’ve had since we bought it 6 years ago) so since my parents have AAA, they came over so we could tow it down to Big Hunk’s work. It’s super convenient that he works at an automotive shop, but silly that we had to have it towed the 3 miles there. Hopefully it’s nothing major, but it doesn’t sound like it to this trained ear. Ahem. No comments please.

While my parents were over we took the kids in the spa, and just hung out and talked. Well, most of us did. Big Hunk was enjoying his spot on the couch watching football. ;) It was just a really nice, relaxing day. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had one of those! We’re always so jam-packed with activities and to-do lists that we forget to just
enjoy each other.

Yesterday the Goodyear Blimp flew over our house. The kids were SO excited! It was amazing how close it was. Turns out it flew over again today, but not quite as close and we were so thankful we had that chance yesterday. Not something you see (from your doorstep) everyday!

So dear friends, on a final note, I have a question. And I would really really love your input, because this just has me baffled.

Have you ever had someone that wants out of your life and swears they want nothing to do you, but then practically stalks you afterward? It's just so bizarre to me, really... reading my blog on a daily basis, checking my Twitter account... So what do you think keeps people coming back for the very thing they swear they hate? Do you ever do that in your life? (okay not so much on the stalking, because if you do, I probably don't want to know.) ;-) But I know some of you might have really awesome insights into this kind of thing, and I would love to hear them.

On that note, have a great Monday! <3


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I hope your car is okay and doesn't need too much work. Car repair is so frustrating and expensive!

    As for stalking, I have friends where one friend just ended their relationship, saying it wasn't healthy for her and then I felt like I was in the middle because she would keep talking about her and asking questions about her. Now she has seemed to move on and the other friend keeps asking me about her.

    It's so annoying. If you make the decision and think it's best than just make a clean break! Why stalk?

  2. So fun about the Goodyear Blimp! Nice pic too!

    As far as the situation you are talking about....since I have no clue what you are referring to, here is my humble opinion: When someone swears they want nothing to do with you and then turns around and is following you my guess is that they are extremely jealous of you. They are so jealous they are "spittin mad" and want out. But down deep them love you to pieces and can't check out cause they love you too much, but can't get over the jealousy thing.

    My only guess and I'm stickin' with it. xo

  3. I have never had anything like that happen to me, but seems to me that maybe they really do care? Why else would they keep "tabs" on what's going on in your life? I mean if they really hated you like they said, nothing you do would really matter to them so they wouldn't feel the need to keep up with you. That's just my opinion, and like I said, I've never had that happen to me (that I know of). ;)

  4. I have a LOT of stalking experience (and not as the stalkER), as you know. I'd like to know the answer to this as well!


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