Thursday, February 28, 2008


I need to start documenting things that happen with the kids, because there's no way I'll remember them all!

This morning after Ikey went potty and was pulling up her underwear (on her way to the living room) I started chasing her and saying "I'm gonna get your booty!" I pinched her booty and said "I got it. It's my booty!" and she says "Mom, it's mine! Yours is big."

LOL Coming from anyone else I might have taken offense to that.


  1. How funny! She probably meant big in contrast to hers. LOL Yeah, definitely. lol

  2. Gotta love the raw honesty LOL! Nathan told me the other day he doesn't like when I wear my hair in a ponytail because it "looks exactly like a horses tail" Nice. I haven't worn a pony since LOL!

  3. that's so funny!!
    i have to tell you-- we were looking for a birthday card last night & you know how hallmark has the singing cards? i open one & it starts blaring, "EVERYBODY WANG CHUNG TONIGHT!"
    maybe i started laughing hysterically in the grocery store!!:)


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