Friday, February 29, 2008

A relaxing weekend

I have soooo been looking forward to this weekend. For months! It's our annual women's retreat, and I am leaving in about an hour. I seriously look forward to this retreat probably more than I do anything else all year (except obvious stuff, like my kids' birthdays and such). It's just such an amazing time of fellowship, GREAT teaching and just being in the Lord with no distractions. Oh, I can't wait.

This year my SIL is going with me. She doesn't know the Lord, so I've been doing some massive praying for her in hopes her heart will be prepared. I know the Lord will be moving in tremendous ways, and I am always in anticipation of how the Lord will touch my heart this time.

On our way down (it's a little over 1/2 hour away) we're dropping Ike off at my mom's house. We start off with dinner at 7pm tonight then a teaching afterwards. Then tomorrow our day is pretty packed with breakfast (at 8am I believe), a teaching, then 2 workshops of our choosing, a little freetime, then dinner and another teaching. Saturdays usually go pretty late, but I find that's my favorite time. :) Then Sunday we're up early for breakfast and our last service, and we head home after lunch. And yummy macaroons!!

The kids have been a little sick this week; we had to skip school and any outings for a couple days and they finally seem to be over it. Of course now Big Hunk has it though, so I'm hoping he can cope with all 3 kids well enough while I'm gone (he's watching my nephew as well). We had the housekeeper come today though, so at least the house is clean- a load off both our shoulders. That means he doesn't have to do much while I'm gone, and I didn't have to stress about it before leaving.

We signed up Mikey for T-ball. :D I can't wait til he starts. He's played little programs through the city, but this is his first time in Little League. We signed him up in Malibu since we're always out there, so he starts practices next week, then has games every Saturday in April & May. Darn. Another reason to go to Malibu. ;)

Well, I should make sure I've got everything together. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!!


  1. I hope the women's retreat is fabulous! Enjoy yourself and RELAX! (HUGS) :-)

  2. How was it? How did your SIL react?


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