Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please pray for this pastor!!

This morning at Bible study, one of the leaders brought this story to our attention. I was in tears as she told us, and as we prayed for them.

What the article doesn't tell you is that Dennis was beat with a hammer. A hammer. Can you imagine? This happened on Saturday night. That night, his family was told he had a slim to none chance of surviving. As of yesterday- NO brain damage!!! God is a god of miracles!!!

Up until yesterday, Dennis was under an alias because authorities were unsure if this had been gang-related or not. So for 1-2 minutes every hour, when Dennis was awakened from his medically-induced coma, the nurses would try to get him to respond by saying "Mr. Wells". Of course this wasn't his name, and he wouldn't respond. But his wife, being his advocate, told the nurses that wasn't his name. Now that they are saying "Dennis" when he is taken out of the coma, he is responding.

Praise God!!! I pray God is glorified through this ugly, horrible situation. Please please pray for Dennis!!

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