Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pics!

I can't tell you how long I've been meaning to post pictures. Maybe eventually I'll get to an update as well.


  1. Mel, your kids are sooo sweet! I love all their fun and excitment over Easter! You took lots of great pics of the activities. The one of your family is reallyu nice - you're all so beautiful (handsome for the guys!).

    PS: I almost made the Ressurection eggs. I think I will next year. They're a great idea. I *did* make Ressurection Rolls with marshmallows and cresent rolls and those were a hit with the family. yummy!

  2. Very cute pictures and your son has the most beautiful eyes!!

  3. Gorgeous family! Love the pics. You can see the innocent joy in your kids' faces. We have the Resurrection eggs as well. We tried them, but Brooke wouldn't sit still quite long enough to listen to the stories. We will try again next year!

  4. When did the kids get so big?!! They are adorable! I can't get over what a big girl Tommie is...and that blonde hair. Too cute :) She looks like a blonde you! They're both precious.


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