Tuesday, July 31, 2007


O. M. G. Becky.

My stepson turned 18 today.

I am now a mother to a grown child.



  1. You look good, girl! I bought my plane ticket on Sunday, so here I come to visit you guys! I'm very excited to see you again and meet your family.

    I am also REALLY excited about the Glen Ivy day spa which sounds absolutely heavenly. I NEED THIS! Anyway, your blog is fun and I'm glad you are doing your exercise thing and keeping with it. I never can. You can work out for the both of us!

    Talk to you soon!


  2. Mel,

    YOU ARE JUST GORGEOUS! Oh and your stepson is pretty darn cute too!

    Love the new blog! Yay, you did it!


  3. Crap, when I saw the above photo I was gonna say, "Y'all are both gorgeous!" But, alas, my comment has been stolen. :-p

    I can't believe Ryan looks so grown up! I love his hair. I won't get to see him again whenever I come out there, will I? Snap.

  4. You don't look old enough to have an 18 year old!!


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